In its search for alternative sources, BEEAH Energy identified waste-to-energy as an untapped energy source of great potential in the Middle East; as it resolves the region’s issue of waste accumulation while generating large amounts of renewable energy.

Emirates Waste to Energy Company

Emirates Waste to Energy Company

In 2017, BEEAH Energy formed a partnership with Masdar to form the Emirates Waste to Energy Company (EWTE), the UAE’s first venture dedicated to waste-to-energy developments. Building on the complementary skills of the two regional leaders, the joint venture is aimed at setting up waste-to-energy projects across the region.

The venture’s first project was the Sharjah Waste to Energy plant, the region’s first commercial scale waste-to-energy plant. It diverts 300,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste away from landfill every year while generate 30 MW of clean energy, which is equivalent to meeting the power needs of 28,000 homes every year. The facility is enabling Sharjah to become the Middle East’s first city to achieve zero-waste to landfill.

Beeah Energy

Solar Energy Investments

EWTE is also investing in other renewable projects such as solar energy. As BEEAH  Group makes headway towards its zero-waste targets, it plans on repurposing capped landfills into solar farms.

In 2021, EWTE announced that it would undertake a pioneering project to develop the UAE’s first solar landfill project. This solar photovoltaic project will comprise up to 120 megawatts and will be constructed on top of BEEAH Group’s Al Saja’a landfill. Delivered across three phases, the project’s first phase is slated for completion in 2023.

Waste-to-Hydrogen Project

In collaboration with Chinook Sciences from the UK, BEEAH Energy is also developing plans for the region’s first Waste-to-Hydrogen facility. Using RODECS technology, the facility aims to process non-recyclable plastic waste and waste wood to produce green hydrogen, the cleanest energy source. Through an adjacent fuelling station, this hydrogen will be used to power Bee’ah’s future fleet of waste collection vehicles.

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