Discover what makes BEEAH an exceptional workplace. From our values, culture, program and pillars, to being certified as a Great Place to Work®, we foster an environment that shapes talent to achieve their potential and make positive impact for people and planet.




Innovation is integral to the way we function. We use state-of-the-art solutions to achieve best in class results, and pioneer strategies that aid the creation of a future-ready economy.



We are receptive to change; and believe in customised solutions. We evolve to respond better to new challenges, the needs of individual stakeholders, and rapid shifts in environmental conditions.



We aim to achieve new heights of excellence by investing in next-generation technologies and best industry practices. We believe in raising the benchmark for sustainable practices and form meaningful partnerships that advocate the same.



We are committed to exploring the limits of what is possible; and remain relentless in our attempts to achieve sustainable economic growth. We are firm in our determination to build a better quality of life for all, and to sustain the quality of our resources.


Become part of
a dynamic workforce

By working at BEEAH, you become part of a company on the forefront of sustainability and digitilization. Our teams share in the company’s pioneering spirit, catalyzing change and stimulating growth from communities and cities to countries around the world.

We hire at all levels of our organization, cultivating the talent of young professionals and harnessing the expertise of industry veterans. With operations across future-critical sectors, we frequently have openings in in waste management, renewable energy, sustainable transport, consulting, education, and technology.

Over 13,000 employees across the UAE, KSA and Egypt

Employees from over 46 different countries

World-class benefits for you and your family

Employee training and development opportunities


RISE, an immersive 12-month
rotation to discover all we do at BEEAH


Define Job Roles:

Clearly outline the specific roles and responsibilities for the positions you are hiring for.

Develop detailed job descriptions that align with the skills and competencies acquired during the learning program.


Design practical assessments or case studies to evaluate the graduates’ application of skills acquired during the program.

Conduct behavioral interviews to assess problem-solving, teamwork, and adaptability.

Final Selection:

Organize panel interviews with key stakeholders and department heads to evaluate the candidates from different perspectives and get final approvals.


Onboarding and Orientation:

Welcome and orientation sessions to introduce participants to the company culture, values, and policies.

Overview of the 12-month training program, including expectations and milestones.

Business Basics:

Introduction to the industry and company-specific knowledge.

Overview of different business functions.


Classroom Training:

Early emphasis on soft skills such as communication, teamwork, EI, and time management.

On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Placement in various departments for practical experience.

Mentorship programs pairing participants with experienced employees for guidance and support.

Industry-Specific Workshops:

Structured classroom sessions covering fundamental business concepts, industry-specific knowledge, and relevant theoretical foundations.

Project Work Capstone:

Create an active alumni network and encourage networking and relationship building among participants, mentors, and professionals within the organization to facilitate collaboration and a sense of community.


Departmental Reporting:

Share Report of participants’ strengths and development areas.

Share the requirement of any learning insights.

Regular Checkpoints:

Request departments to report back to the training team on certain checkpoints.

Career progression:

Create potential career progress and paths.

Project Capstone

Direct Manager Challenge:

Direct Manager (of the designated departments) to propose challenges for each participant.

Project Creation and Finalizing:

Participants to create a white paper for a project which would be presented to their managers.

Project Presentation & Feedback

Participants to present their projects to their managers and receive feedback.


Departmental Handover

Participants who are passed in their projects to be handed over to their respective departments.

Exit interview

Participants who are failed in their projects to be handed over to Human Resources for exit interviews and formalities.


Collect feedback from all stakeholders of the entire journey to be used for future enhancements.


Document all the required documents for the journey.

A multi-award winning workplace

We have won multiple awards from Great Place to Work®, the global authority on workplace culture, underscoring the unparalleled employee experience at BEEAH. Additionally, we have won several industry awards, which reflects our pursuit of striving for excellence in all that we do.

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Our Pillars

The pillars of our success


Securing a better future for all

We have adopted a holistic approach to sustainability, with a diverse portfolio of operations covering waste collection, recycling, renewables, green mobility, research and digitalization.

This full circle strategy contributes to the realization of a circular economy, preserving our environment while ensuring food and water security, air quality and better health for all.


Innovating for
future-ready economies

By embracing digitalization and advanced technology, we are introducing new efficiencies for a circular economy. Within communities, we are transforming waste collection and processing using solar-powered bins, autonomous clean-up vehicles, and technology integrated facilities.
For private and public entities, we help accelerate sustainable development through research, consulting and implementing advanced digital platforms and solutions.


Forging strong

Our people are visionaries and experts who share our pioneering spirit. Understanding that our workforce is essential to fulfilling our company vision, we cultivate talent through training, development and knowledge sharing.

Our diverse workplace attracts talent from across the UAE, KSA and over 44 other countries, fostering local and global talent.