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IEMS Academy and Munfarid to Develop AR/VR-based Training Programmes for Digital Generation
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IEMS Academy and Munfarid to Develop AR/VR-based Training Programmes for Digital Generation

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Sharjah, UAE, 9 February 2020: The Institute of Environmental Management and Sustainability (IEMS Academy) and Munfarid will together offer comprehensive augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) training programmes to bring immersive learning and development experiences in the UAE.

In line with the UAE’s vision to develop a knowledge-based economy with a rich talent pool, IEMS Academy provides blended training and development programmes to help enhance professionals’ knowledge and skills for future demands, particularly in the areas of environment and sustainability.

On the partnership, Sami Handley, Director at IEMS Academy, said: ”At IEMS Academy, we are committed to delivering world-class training and development programmes across industries that equip people with skills of the future. Our partnership with Munfarid allows us to elevate our offering of immersive vocational training to UAE’s professionals in the environmental and sustainability spheres, with an enhanced educational experience. We are proud to be supporting the UAE’s vision for a future-ready workforce and drive a knowledge-based economy.”

With a focus on the Middle East, Munfarid offers Immersive Learning Programmes to enhance the learner’s potential. Munfarid’s proprietary VRXOne is a complete delivery platform that is also a certified Google Partner, which enables organisations to begin using VR and AR applications, from hardware and software to content and licences. Munfarid is presently engaged with companies across the aviation, banking, real estate and energy sectors.

Dr. Sana Farid, the Co-founder and CEO of Munfarid, said: “There’s immense scope for employee development and skill enhancement with the use of immersive learning practices. In all of our initiatives, we have seen how participants are excited and eager to interact with the latest digital technology, with overwhelming results. We are keen to continue exploring the benefits of immersive learning in consolidating the concept for a green future, economic growth and developing the human resource to sustain the challenges of the future.

Blending learning, where traditional education is augmented by digital resources, is becoming increasingly relevant for measurable results in training and development, especially for the digital generation.

As part of Bee’ah, the Middle East’s sustainability pioneer, IEMS Academy works to bring the UAE closer to fulfilling its targets for sustainable development. The Academy falls under Bee’ah’s Consultancy, Research & Innovation (CRI) arm that leverages on the company’s expertise in the environmental and sustainability sector, to offer consultancy and environmental studies to private and public sector clients.

Munfarid recently announced an exclusive agreement with, an education research organisation, to initiate several training and certification programs in collaboration with governments and private institutions. Munfarid has also participated in several events supporting museums, science labs, field exploration and tourism expeditions.