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Bee’ah Supercharges HR Function with Cloud-based, Next-generation Solution
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Bee’ah Supercharges HR Function with Cloud-based, Next-generation Solution

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Human Resource Management System augments company’s ongoing efforts in pioneering digitally transformative solutions for business excellence.

Bee’ah participates at the National Career Exhibition for the 9th year in a row

Sharjah, UAE, 5 February 2019: As part of ongoing efforts in digital transformation, Bee’ah, the Middle East’s sustainability pioneer, has announced the launch of its innovative Human Resource Management System at the 21st National Career Exhibition, held at Expo Centre Sharjah between 6-8 February. Participating for the 9th year in a row, Bee’ah, aimed at transforming the company into a more agile and employee-centric organisation, the deployment of the new system has made Bee’ah the first semi-government entity in the UAE to digitize and automate all performance, recruitment & onboarding and training processes.

Aligning with its vision of pioneering sustainable quality of life, Bee’ah has consistently invested in digitization programmes and consolidated its position as one of the most digitally advanced companies in the region. In addition to launching the Middle East’s first AI platform for offices of the future, which will be deployed at the company’s new headquarters, Bee’ah has adopted several new technologies to optimize its performance and offer maximum value to stakeholders.

Through the implementation of the new Human Resource Management System, Bee’ah has streamlined its HR processes and reduced the time spent on such tasks dramatically. The tracking metrics deployed via the system have also led to greater visibility for better decision-making. In addition to solutions in performance management, recruitment and onboarding, Bee’ah has also launched a web and mobile platform for learning and training.

HE Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of Bee’ah, said, “Bee’ah is a purpose-led organisation that is committed to improving quality of life. Our employees are custodians of this vision, and their happiness and productivity at work is key to achieving our objectives. We have implemented the new Human Resource Management System, with the aim of creating a work environment where the focus is on them and their needs. We are providing them with the platforms and tools to perform to their best potential, while ensuring that their time, energy and other resources are not spent on trivial tasks. Given our commitment to implementing the latest digital technologies, we are proud to become the first semi-government entity to implement this system, and look forward to seeing its rewarding impact on our employees.”

For better performance management, Bee’ah has implemented a solution that offers 360° visibility of an employee’s work proficiency. It connects employees and managers, to enable career development through real-time actionable feedback. The solution has been deployed at all tiers to ensure strategy and goal alignment, as well as to continuously improve workforce performance through ongoing coaching and feedback, and to accurately evaluate and recognize top talent. Managers also have more control over goal execution, with the ability to set cascading goals and see individual, team, or company-wide progress.

The recruiting solution deployed by Bee’ah, supports hiring managers; from creating the job requisition, to posting the job on popular platforms; and automatically determines the job profile for the requisition created. The system also offers the clear benefit of responding to all applicants in a timely manner.

Commenting on the new HR processes, Sultan Al Saabri, Group Chief Human Capital Officer at Bee’ah, said, “Our integrated Human Resource Management System will not only increase the efficiency of HR functions, but also improve collaborations and enhance the performance of our workforce. The new recruitment and onboarding process will allow us to acquire and retain the best talent, guiding them through their career at Bee’ah. By closely monitoring the performance of our employees, we are empowering them to be accountable for the work they do, and recognizing their commitment and hard work. Our motivation in implementing these solutions is to provide a more rewarding work environment at Bee’ah; and as we move into the future, we aim to upgrade and deploy new solutions that will enable even greater productivity and learning.”

Bee’ah is also taking a fresh approach to onboarding. Through Bee’ah Learn, a learning and onboarding platform powered by the Institute of Environment Management & Sustainability- Middle East (IEMS), Bee’ah is ushering in an era of customized learning, backed by completion analytics that track and measure real-time engagement levels of new hires. It enables individuals and groups to use specific information relative to their particular interests, to explore a wide range of development and planning issues.

The integrated digital approach to human resource management is just one of several solutions that Bee’ah has implemented over the past year, to meet its agenda for digital transformation. As the UAE embraces the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Bee’ah hopes to further expand the scope of technology at work, leading to better engagement and results.