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New market service set to transform the recovered commodities market
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New market service set to transform the recovered commodities market

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The virtual mobile marketplace for business-to-business buying and selling of recovered commodities offers a new, transparent and simplified model of operating

Sharjah, UAE (05 October 2021): The launch of market is set to disrupt the current business model for buying and selling of recovered commodities, including cardboard and paper; glass; ferrous and non-ferrous metals; plastic; rubber; textiles and wood.

By removing the middleman from supply chains, market eliminates many of the pain points that buyers and sellers are facing in the current recyclables trading journey. But not only does market speed up the process, it also adds a new layer of transparency and promotes more sustainability-centric thinking.

“ market cuts out the middleman and introduces a 100 percent transparent market-driven bidding process,” said Salim Sultan Al Owais, Chief Executive Officer, “We connect buyers and sellers via a unified all-access platform as market is reimagining the traditional auction space for a new fully agile digital era.”

The benefits for traders include access to thousands of qualified buyers and sellers in specialised material categories, minimal paperwork and no middleman fees with bid transparency for fair market value pricing.

“Through an easy-to-navigate system, the virtual marketplace connects business-to-business buyers and sellers looking to transform unwanted goods into profitable commodities via a real-time interface that eliminates unnecessary paperwork,” he added.

The service also helps to support the UAE’s environmental ambitions, sustainability goals and agenda for a circular economy by offering technologies that make business transparent, direct and with nothing to waste.

Since launching in March 2021,’s initial digital platform, collect, has been providing seamless, on-demand logistics transportation for residents in the UAE through a mobile application. The app has already been installed over 12,000 times and has made over 3,000 trips in the previous quarter as it rapidly grows and simplifies logistics. Major UAE-based companies have benefited from the service including e-commerce companies, waste management companies, furniture companies and SMEs.

Now market is set to offer a similar service as it creates a virtual mobile marketplace for business-to-business buying and selling of recovered commodities.

Throughout the trading activities on the platform, there’s an increase in the recyclables rates for the recyclables uploaded onto our platform. The compounded growth rate for market since we’ve released the app into the market is greater than 700%.

As an improved alternative, market empowers businesses with innovative digital solutions for recovered commodities and creates a transparent and simplified way of working. It is the future of recyclables trading and it will continue to grow and expand in the UAE and, in future internationally.