BEEAH - Digital Transformation Company

EVOTEQ, BEEAH Group’s digital transformation company, was founded in 2017 with a mission to accelerate digital transformation in the Middle East. Through innovative digital solutions and platforms, EVOTEQ enables governments and large enterprises to improve performance, increase efficiency, become smarter, more responsive, and capable of making better informed decisions.

The company provides in-depth consulting and advisory services; innovates and invests in a wide range of customised, transformative solutions; and implements impactful digital transformation strategies for public and private sector clients.

Instead of using technology for technology’s sake, EVOTEQ believes in safeguarding people’s well-being, streamlining processes to make day-to-day tasks & interactions productive and frictionless; and enhancing happiness and quality of life through convenience and efficiency.

BEEAH - Digital Transformation in UAE

EVOTEQ has been responsible for some of the region’s most remarkable digital solutions & platforms; including the first AI platform for offices of the future, and the GCC’s largest municipal digitization project.

The company has also deployed Sharjah’s first blockchain platform, and is now building the emirate’s first Tier III data center. EVOTEQ has also developed solutions for smart city management, as well as a unique, GS1 certified, track-and-track platform to ensure product integrity in the global supply chain.

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ReLife - Future-proofing Digital convenience

Launched by BEEAH Group in 2020, is an innovative venture that enables a better life through a digital ecosystem, by using online platforms to empower decision-making in citizens and businesses. The company focuses on ensuring convenience, efficiency and transparency to improve quality of life. is tailored towards establishing seamless communication, connectivity, and customer-centric ecosystems; to improve supply chains, assist logistics, and address challenges in sustainability, education, and healthcare.

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