Academy of Sustainability

The Academy of Sustainability engages thousands of students and teachers across more than 700 schools in the UAE. Through interactive games, environmental course modules, contests, and corporate awareness sessions, the Academy of Sustainability is pioneering environmental education, raising awareness and encouraging behavioral change for a sustainable future.

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Future Pioneer Awards

The Future Pioneers Awards recognises individuals, companies, schools and universities that inspire environmental action, highlighting unique initiatives that can be emulated to support the journey towards a sustainable future. The Future Pioneers Awards also promotes these award-winning initiatives to encourage sustainable practices among other institutions and members of the wider public.

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The Institute of Environmental Management and Sustainability - Middle East

The Institute of Environmental Management and Sustainability – Middle East (IEMS) enables sustainable development for companies through training from the grassroots-level to organization wide initiatives.

IEMS Academy provides aspiring and experienced professionals access to accredited courses and certificates. It also offers specialized certifications for specific sectors, such as waste management, environmental management, circular economy solutions and more.

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Internal Training

Within BEEAH Group, BEEAH Education is responsible for developing and implementing corporate training and professional development programs for employees.

BEEAH Education’s internal training programs include skill development through in-person training and comprehensive online learning platforms, such as LinkedIn Learning.

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