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BEEAH Group Launches Disinfection Pods for Businesses to Optimise Safety
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BEEAH Group Launches Disinfection Pods for Businesses to Optimise Safety

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The pods can be utilised at entrances of buildings, facilities or complexes to eradicate harmful viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms found on people

Sharjah, UAE, 27 April 2020: BEEAH Group, the Middle East’s leading sustainability pioneer, has launched disinfection pods for businesses to safeguard public health during the COVID-19 outbreak. The advanced solution can be placed at the entrance of facilities, complexes, buildings or high-risk areas to eradicate viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms on a person or on their clothing in under 20 seconds.

Within the pod, a fine mist of diluted disinfectant is sprayed on the person, acting as a full body sanitiser that poses no harm to human health. There is also the option to mount a thermal scanning system at the entrance of disinfection pods, to effectively monitor the temperature of each individual, without contact. These devices have already been utilised at BEEAH Group facilities where essential workers and onsite personnel work. They have already been installed at the entrances of the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority building and at royal palaces.

On the launch of the disinfection pods, Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of BEEAH Group, said: “BEEAH Group is doing everything we can to prevent, limit and contain the spread of COVID-19. Through our new disinfection pods, we are going one step further by providing innovative solutions that protect the health and safety of our employees, and helping other businesses safeguard their own workforce.”

Al Huraimel also praised the essential workers on the frontlines that are part of the pandemic response: “There are many brave men and women who continue to work in vital sectors, from healthcare and security to civil defense and police force. These people are the most exposed to COVID-19 health risks, so we need to consider new forms of protection for them as they continue to serve our society.”

Triggered by motion detection, pumps in the disinfection pods will start to spray a mist on individuals passing through the pod for 20 seconds. The disinfectants are compliant with regional and international guidelines for sterilization and are nontoxic to humans and the environment.

Since the start of the pandemic, BEEAH Group has been working closely with the authorities to combat the spread of the novel coronavirus. BEEAH Group has also played a key role in the Emirate of Sharjah’s disinfection drive. Every day, more than 200 of BEEAH Group vehicles are being used for the operation, including street washing vehicles, lorries with mounted high-pressure spray cannons and disinfecting foggers. Disinfecting public surfaces can stem the spread of the coronavirus and improve general sanitation. BEEAH Group disinfection drive has covered government buildings, public spaces, residential and commercial areas across the emirate.

With a workforce of more than 7,000 people, the implementation of new procedures has been taken to ensure employee safety. All frontline workers have undergone hygiene and sanitisation training, and city cleaning and waste collection vehicles are disinfected after each shift. Additional action has been taken to protect worker accommodation buildings, such as reducing the number of people staying in each room, mandatory health checks and the setting up of quarantine zones.